March 4, 2024

The Albany County, New York District Attorney said Tuesday that his office is investigating Governor Andrew Cuomo, who was accused of sexually molesting several women.

DA David Soares also said his office would “welcome any victim to contact our office with additional information” about Cuomo.

And Soares said he plans to obtain investigative material from the attorney general’s investigation into his alleged harassment of 11 women, most of whom work or have worked for the state government or related agencies.

The news of the criminal investigation came hours after Attorney General Letitia James released a report backing the women’s claims that Cuomo exposed them to unwanted touches and remarks that make them uncomfortable.

James said the investigation concluded that Cuomo “sexually molested several women in violation of federal and state law.”

But the attorney general said the investigation is complete and her office will not file criminal charges or civil action.

One of those prosecutors, who worked as an advisor to Cuomo, said he groped her in his office in the governor’s mansion in Albany, the state’s capital, after calling her there in late 2020.

This woman’s allegation was reported by someone other than the Albany Police Department’s aide in March after the first sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo became public

A police spokesman said the alleged incident may have reached “crime levels,” the New York Times previously reported.

The Albany District Attorney’s Office is responsible for prosecuting individuals for alleged crimes committed in Albany County.

“Together with the public, we were made aware today of the final independent report from the office of AG Letitia James on Governor Cuomo’s conduct in relation to violations of civil harassment laws,” Soares said in a statement.

“We will formally request investigative materials received by the WG office and we welcome any victim who contacts our office with additional information,” said Soares.

“As this matter evolves, we are examining the attorney general’s document today. We will refrain from any further public comment at this point on the state of the ongoing criminal investigation by our firm.”

Cuomo strongly denied the allegations Tuesday, claiming the investigation was biased and politically infected.

James’ report sparked new and renewed calls for Cuomo to step down.

President Joe Biden is due to speak on the report on Tuesday.

Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, said the White House’s message to Cuomo’s accuser is that all women who have “had this type of experience … deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.”

“I don’t know anyone could have watched [James’ news conference] this morning and didn’t find the allegations abhorrent – I know I did, “said Psaki.

– Additional coverage from CNBC’s Christina Wilkie.