February 26, 2024

In a separate ransomware attack on the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, DC, hackers said the price offered by the police was “too low” and this week posted 250 gigabytes of the department’s data online, including databases of gang members become.

In his remarks on Thursday, Mr Biden used the Colonial Pipeline hack as further evidence that the United States needs to improve its critical infrastructure and urged lawmakers to end its $ 2.3 trillion proposal for road rebuilding, Support bridges, pipelines and other projects.

Republicans have defied the size of Mr Biden’s proposals, accusing the president of wanting to levy taxes to pay for things they don’t see as infrastructure, like housekeeping programs. Mr Biden has suggested raising taxes for wealthy people and businesses to pay for his expenses, but has said he is open to other ideas.

“I am ready to negotiate, as I indicated to members of the House and the leadership yesterday,” said Biden. “But it is clearer than ever that doing nothing is not an option.”

Gasoline prices in South Carolina and Georgia rose around 3 cents Wednesday through Thursday, about half what it had in the past few days. But prices in Tennessee, which depend on an offshoot of the pipeline, rose 6 cents to $ 2.87 for a gallon of regulars. Nationwide, the average price for a gallon of regular guests rose by 2 cents to $ 3.03, according to the AAA car club.

Gasoline supplies vary from state to state along the pipeline, partly because some locations have more storage than others. New Jersey was only 1 percent missing from gas stations early Thursday morning, while more than half of gas stations in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina ran out of fuel, according to GasBuddy, a fuel monitoring app. Friday is traditionally the biggest day for gasoline sales.

It will likely take at least a whole weekend for supplies to return to normal at all gas stations as it will take some time for fuel to flow through the pipeline.