November 30, 2023

Now ignore the left row and the top column and fill in the remaining 100 fields with the names (or initials) of the party attendees. There are several ways to assign and swap squares. However, we recommend keeping this simple by randomly assigning an equal number of squares to each participant. Remember, you can zoom in with the people watching the game.

Now go back to the squares you left blank in the top column and left row. Randomly write a number from zero to nine in each square, using each number only once, and leaving the top left square blank. Now each square has a corresponding number for Tampa Bay and Kansas City. (You can use the order in the template, but participants may intentionally choose certain numbers like 7 and 4. It’s fairer to do this step after players have been assigned the assigned spaces.)

The game starts when the game starts. At the end of the first quarter, first half, third quarter, and the entire game, use the last digit to check which square corresponds to the current score. For example, if the buccaneers are active between 14 and 7 after the first quarter, look for the box where the corresponding row is 4 for the buccaneers and the corresponding column is 7 for the chiefs. The person whose name or initials are in this field wins this round.

Repeat the process at the end of each quarter so that there are four winners at the end of the game. Prizes after each quarter include a hug, choosing a dessert or the next movie for the movie night, completing someone else’s daily chores, or whatever makes the game competitive. Children could help choose the categories.

Create a Super Bowl bingo board with terms or landmarks waiting for you on the big day. But instead of making one bingo board, create three for each part of the day.

First, focus on the soccer field. What do you expect when the buccaneers go up against the chiefs? Entries can be as simple as “a touchdown dance” or as specific as “a Tom Brady interception”.

Here are a few suggestions that span the spectrum: a sacked quarterback, a flag on a game, a 30 yards touchdown pass, a fumble, a coach yelling at a referee, a game review, or one Attitude of the player crowd goes wild after an unexpected game.