February 27, 2024

Family members hold vigil for missing victims of the Surfside condominium collapse on June 29, 2021 in Surfside, Florida, United States.

Tayfun Coskun | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images

Three other victims of the partial collapse of a Surfside, Florida condominium were recovered, bringing the death toll to 27, officials said Monday. A search and rescue operation resumed after the rest of the building was demolished in a controlled explosion on Sunday evening.

“We are on day 12 and the longer we go, the harder it is to find survivors,” said Daniella Levine Cava, Miami-Dade County Mayor.

According to the new death toll, 118 people are still missing since part of the apartment collapsed on June 24th.

Officials had suspended search and rescue operations on Saturday before destroying the rest of the partially collapsed apartment as they were concerned about the possible threats to the rest of the building from Tropical Storm Elsa.

Federal forecasters said strong gusts of wind and heavy rain are possible in the Miami area, but the city is expected to avoid the brunt of the storm, which is expected to move north and west of Florida’s Gulf Coast on Monday.

The local authorities had previously instructed residents in the area to protect themselves on the spot and to close all windows, doors and air inlets. Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said the shelter order will be lifted two hours after the demolition is complete. Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis said during a press conference early Saturday that the state will pay for all costs of the demolition.