February 2, 2023

From Leonardo da Vinci’s pyramid design in the 15th century to the The supersonic version that helped land the Perseverance rover safely on Mars. The parachute, a device that captures air to control the speed of an object, has played an essential role in land, air, water and space travel. With all the technology and resources required to launch a spacecraft from Earth’s atmosphere, the simple parachute is key to landing safely. The canopy of a parachute creates drag, or drag, which means that the air beneath it is pushed against the underside of the canopy, slowing the rate of descent.

Now it is your turn to make a parachute with newspaper and tape. Some tips: be ready to make adjustments. Try varying the size of the canopy and the weight of the basket to see how these adjustments affect the speed at which the parachute falls. Let the basket hang freely so that it can center itself. Before letting go, open the canopy as far as possible and use the lift pin to bring your parachute as high as possible above your head. Pull out the stick, step back, and watch the basic concept of pull as you work.

1. Use a full sheet of newspaper, divided twice, and fold it in half and then in half again.

2. Fold the top left corner diagonally to meet the bottom crease.

3. Cut off the remaining strip and unfold all parts.

4th Fold and unfold the sheet so that all of the folds are slightly raised.

5. Glue a strip on each bottom corner of your sheet, cross them, and then glue it on the top corners.

6. Glue the strips together where they cross.

7. Finished canopy.

1. Use another full double sheet of newspaper. Fold it in quarters and then unfold it.

2. Cut out a quarter of the page along the crease lines.

3. Fold the quarter section in half of the short edge to the short edge.

4. Stick the tape along the short edge.

5. Roll loosely, secure with tape.

6. Flatten the bottom of the cylinder. Glue the layers together.

7. Finished basket.

1. Cut a strip about 1 inch wide along the short edge of the remaining sheet

2. Fold the existing crease in half

3. Finished basket handle

1. Slide the basket handle under the crossed strips.

2. Place the basket upside down in the center.

3rd curve Peel off the handle and tape it to the sides of the basket.

4. Upside down parachute with basket assembled.

1. Use a different double-sided sheet the newspaper. Fold in half.

2. Place strips of tape along the long open edge of the newspaper.

3. Start at the folded edge and roll it tightly onto the tape.

4. Close the pipe with tape.

1. Open the canopy and place the lifting rod in the middle. Lift as high as you can.

2. Quickly pull the lifting pin back away from the canopy to release it.