February 27, 2024

Jennifer Tejada, CEO of PagerDuty, told CNBC on Wednesday that companies are facing logistical challenges as companies establish new hybrid work models for employees.

“It was really easy to manage remote work when everyone was remote,” said Tejada in a “Mad Money” interview with Jim Cramer. “But now, if you don’t know who is in the office, when and which teams are in the same place and which are not, you need to prepare for the distribution.”

“Systems will be needed that help reduce complexity and give employees access to the technology they need in the seconds they need it,” she said.

PagerDuty, a cloud IT company that offers an enterprise incident management platform, serves small and large businesses, including startups and more than 60 Fortune 100 companies, Tejada said. His clients include Okta, Uber, and Twitter.

As companies migrate to flexible work environments sparked by the coronavirus pandemic, several topics emerge as companies think about digital transformation and work, according to Tejada.

PagerDuty has learned that many employees want flexibility, she said. In the meantime, most of the companies using the cloud software are looking for ways to go digital-first operations and provide a way to work part-time remotely, she added.

PagerDuty’s share price fell nearly 1% on Wednesday, closing at $ 39.01.