Just before the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, many people will be celebrating the planet and focusing on what they can do to protect it. One way to remember the beauty of the earth is to make a glowing globe – from recycled newspapers, of course.

This project was adapted by one on HousingaForest.com, created by blogger Tammy Dube. It’s a simple activity that is great for both kids and adults. Once your globe is made, light it from the inside – be sure to use a battery operated candle.

Step 1

Inflate the balloon to the size of a melon. This is the basis for the globe. The bigger the balloon, the bigger the lamp. Place the balloon in a cup with the tied end down.

step 2

To make the paper mache, mix the flour and water together until the lumps are gone. Tear up the newspaper into 1-inch strips.

step 3

Dip the paper into the flour mixture, one strip at a time, until it is coated and then wipe off any excess paper with two fingers. Place the paper strips on the balloon and completely cover the surface up to the rim of the cup. The bottom of the balloon does not have to be covered with paper mache.

Step 4

Using your hands, spread a thin layer of paper mache mixture on the newspaper-covered balloon. While damp, place layers of tissue paper on the surface to give it the appearance of a globe. Some areas are blue and others are green to resemble oceans and continents.

Step 5

Let dry for 24 hours. Once dry, use the bamboo skewer to pop the balloon and remove it from the globe.

Step 6

Cut the lower opening evenly with scissors Line so that it sits flat on a table or shelf.

Step 7

Poke holes in the green continents with the bamboo skewer Resemble lights. You can vary the size and density of the holes to represent cities and rural areas.

Step 8

Put a battery operated candle in it and turn off the lights to make your globe light up like you might see it from space.