September 29, 2022

Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, encouraged employees on Wednesday to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

“I think it’s important that everyone gets vaccinated and is safe,” he said in a CNBC interview with Jim Cramer about Mad Money. “Here in the US, or in other countries like the UK or even Israel, you can see vaccination making a dramatic difference in the organization.”

Salesforce previously recommended vaccinating its employees against coronavirus, although there is no obligation on them to return to the office after transfer rates reach safer levels. This allows employees to continue working remotely for the rest of the year.

The software giant plans to welcome vaccinated employees next month to volunteer in its 61-story office tower in downtown San Francisco, where the company’s headquarters are located. The cloud software giant will later allow employees in its offices who do not receive a protective shot against coronavirus.

Salesforce, with more than 56,000 employees worldwide, is the largest employer in San Francisco.

The stock has been in double digits since the end of March but remains 16% below its record close in September.

Disclosure: Cramer’s charitable foundation owns shares in Salesforce.

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