February 27, 2024

4. Gin

Why are there so few gin drinkers? Everyone drinks vodka or sometimes white rum. Ugh. I happen to be a huge gin fan and I’ve had friends, my local liquor store, their acquaintances bring me their gin recommendations based on something unusual. And people are talking about the New York State Gin now. If it’s not from the UK, forget about it. It is absolutely inedible. My niece’s boyfriend brought me a bottle of gin three weeks ago and I thought, “Oh, this is exciting and it’s a beautiful label and I can’t wait to try it.” Oh my god, I thought I would Poison die. [Walks to his bar to look at the brand] It’s dark and it’s from Rochester. It’s a stunning bottle. It’s called Barr Hill Reserve Tom Cat Gin and has a nice B on the stopper on top. [A loud crash] Oops. There goes my bar. It rejects the Tom Cat.

I love bombay I usually drink a gin and tonic although I love a martini in the restaurant. I’m not sure I like Tim Gunn’s martinis. It’s really fantastic to have a martini. And something about having it at home that is kind of sad.

5. Schitts Creek

I loved the first season when it first aired. I missed two episodes. I thought, “This is terrible. I can’t stand this show. ”And I left it. Then when I came back for season 4, I thought, “My God, in a way it’s a different show.” I noticed that in a way it had matured. I can not get enough of this. In fact, I try to squeeze in one 22 minute episode a day just because it leads me to a happy place.

6th Small island

I’m a big fan of the Diller von Fürstenberg philanthropy. Thanks to them we have the high line. And now we have Little Island. It’s so beautiful, sensitively made, but it doesn’t feel precious. It feels like you could just throw out a picnic blanket and eat there. It’s a remarkable, remarkable piece – and to be honest, I saw the architectural plans and thought, “This is so ambitious. How can that possibly be carried out? ”Well, it’s a bigger statement in real life.

7th “Tootsie”, the musical

I saw another show three times. The cast was brilliant. The writing is brilliant. The songs are hilarious if they don’t go straight to your heart. I liked the movie. It certainly wouldn’t be one of my top 10, maybe not even one of my top 100. But the musical is one of my top 10 musicals, if not the top. It’s just so wonderfully told and uplifting without being sugar-sweet and ridiculous. Just laugh until it’s fun. I hope it returns to Broadway.

8. Nora Ephron’s essays

These essays are a bit like the written form of “Schitt’s Creek”. They’re just so cleansing and cathartic. She says what is on her mind and calls things as they are, with humor and intellect and a lot of irony. I’ve read it again and I’ve reread it and I laugh just as hard. Everyone should have at least one volume and have it handy.