March 23, 2023

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them,” said Henri Matisse. Also in this newspaper – just glue a skewer between two colored or painted pieces of newspaper and cut it into simple flower shapes.

Group the flowers together to form an everlasting and inexpensive centerpiece for your spring table or place one on each place setting. Mini versions can be used as place cards. They would make even a tiny congregation feel special. If you don’t leave the bottom of the skewers decorated, you can stick the flowers in a cake or cupcake for an instant decoration. Or brighten up the work situation from home with a bouquet of flowers made of potted paper; They will thank you a few.

  • Newspaper (find colorful spots or paint it)

  • Acrylic craft paint and brush (if you want to paint the newspaper)

  • pencil

  • scissors

  • Wooden skewers

  • white glue

  • Small bowl and brush (optional for the glue)

  • Glue stick (optional)

  • Small flower pots, vases, recycled bottles or glasses.

  • Fine gravel or sand (available at craft stores, optional)

1. If you want, paint a few sheets of newspaper.

2. Cut two sheets of paper to the height and width of your planned flower, your leaf and stem or just the flower head.

3. Brush or squeeze a thin strip of tape down the center of the paper, place the dowel on top and apply a little more glue. Apply a layer of thinking glue to the rest of the newspaper and place the other piece on top. Gently push it down. (If you want to use as a cake topper, leave the end of your dowel free.)

4. Lightly draw a design in pencil (you can use the here as a guide or make your own) and cut it out. Let Matisse’s flowers inspire you.

5. Plant the flowers in small flower pots, vases, or repurposed bottles or jars. Pour an inch or two of sand or fine gravel into the container to anchor the stems in place.