February 25, 2024

This week marks the first anniversary of the “Home” section. What could be nicer than celebrating with a puzzle that contains a hidden picture? Solve the clues and reveal the twist with a small greeting to the section’s basketry activities starting in August.

Write the answers to the 16 clues in the spaces on each strip. (We filled in a few letters to help you.) Then cut out the strips and sort them into one of four categories based on your answers. Can you find what binds them together? Words That Start With B? Animals you would find on a farm? We have given you a note for each category.

Once you’ve sorted your strips into categories, the A and B groups become the vertical “warp” for your weaving. The C and D groups are horizontally woven through them. They should be sorted alphabetically by category. Follow the diagram to weave the stripes in an under and over pattern, with the lettered squares running under the vertical stripes. The weaving reveals the hidden picture.

Place the A and B groups vertically in alphabetical order within each group, starting with the left and alternating group.

Start with the first strip alphabetically from group C and weave it in. Make sure that the lettered squares are below the A-stripes. Slide the strip down.

Repeat this process with the first alphabetical strip from group D, making sure that it is under the B strips. Keep weaving, alternating the strips from groups C and D until you have used all of the strips.

Congratulations! You revealed the picture! Now fold and glue the extra tabs to square the sides and save your graphic.

A printable version of this activity is available for download here.